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Christmas Trading Hours

RPM Mechanical & Performance would like to advise our customers of our special Christmas Trading Hours. Please book in early to avoid the rush.

Closed from Saturday 19th of December 2020 and reopening on Monday 18th of January 2021

Want to know more about your vehicle and how to take care of it?

RPM Mechanical Performance are now offering a "Know Your Car" Public Education Service as a short course that is open to anyone of all age groups who would like to learn the basics of their vehicle and what care a car requires to keep it safe and on the road.

The education nights will cover;

  • What's under the hood - Recognising the various key components under the bonnet
  • How to check your Tyre pressure and where that information can be found in each car
  • How to check your fluids and what certain warning lights mean
  • How to check the tread on your Tyres and how to safely change a Tyre on your own
  • How to find information in your log book
  • What to look for regarding steering problems
  • Common noises and what they might mean

This course will be offered every Thursday night by appointment. Contact us for more details  

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