Know your Vehicle


Want to know more about your vehicle and how to take care of it?

RPM Mechanical Performance are now offering a "Know Your Car" Public Education Service as a short course that is open to anyone of all age groups who would like to learn the basics of their vehicle and what care a car requires to keep it safe and on the road.

The education nights will cover;

  • What's under the hood - Recognising the various key components under the bonnet
  • How to check your Tyre pressure and where that information can be found in each car
  • How to check your fluids and what certain warning lights mean
  • How to check the tread on your Tyres and how to safely change a Tyre on your own
  • How to find information in your log book
  • What to look for regarding steering problems
  • Common noises and what they might mean

This course will be offered every Thursday night by appointment. Contact us for more details  

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